A few years back Sansa sold all her belongings and booked a flight to London. The three month visit turned into a three year journey. During that time Sansa collaborated with DJ’s and songwriters around the world and wrote an album which will be out in 2018.

She became familiar with the radiant club scene in London and fell in love with electronic music. Partly because of the fruity new collabs and encounters but mostly because of the passion she felt for the genre,  she decided to make an album that would recite that emotion, pulse and energy.

Through a friend Sansa found a producer Mikko Gordon who was working with Nigel Godrich and Thom Yorke at the time. Sansa and Mikko shared the sonic vision of the album and started creating magic.

Her dream of making this album is what kept her going through the past couple of years. “Even though there were lots of good stuff and collabs happening to me, at the same time there were lots of setbacks and losses. There were times when I was struggling really bad. But I never let go of my dream”.

The long anticipated 4th album will be out in April 2018 through Playground Music Scandinavia.