Kaskade A Little More

The song A Little More  –  my collaboration with Kaskade and John Dahlback will be released on the 11th of NOV. You can listen to it exclusively on Spotify one week prior to it’s release! I’m so happy how the song came about.


Yotto & Sansa

Finally got back together with talented, up and coming DJ YOTTO of Anjuna Beats at The Dairy Proper/Gold Room in London. I ‘ve been privileged to work with him before, when he was more active with the house duo Something Good in Helsinki. He’s going solo now which I’m very excited about. He is extremely soulful young DJ/producer and very down to earth!! I’m sure that you will hear a lot about him in the near future. After our session he rushed down the Wembley to open for Above & Beyond.

For this new track I was able to use a lyric I wrote some time ago for another track which was never released as it happens sometime. So my lyric became free again and was waiting for the right track to come along. When YOTTO played me his song I knew that the ambiguous lyric would be a fit. The track is positively haunting! You’ll hear the outcome next year!!

I’ve been listening to Group Therapy podcast by Above & Beyond quite a lot in these past months. Especially the song We’re All We Need feat. Zoe Johnston has become very dear to me. It’s the anthem for the summer 2015.

Read more about Anjuna Beats.  Below is a pic from their site showcasing the Wembley gig last Friday.  San X




Chris Coco & Sansa

Had a really nice writing session with Chris Coco in his studio in London. He’s so sweet and lovely guy! Chris played me a track he’s been working on and I sang/whispered a very static melody onto it.  Sound-wise I’d say it reminds me of Mazzy Star which I love. The track is utterly beautiful and very visual and the lyric is quite surrealistic and a nature like. (more…)