Yayyyyyy! Finally starting to rehearse for LIVE shows. Wow, It took quite a while, I would’ve never guessed… It’s very IMPORTANT to know that YOU are willing to see me perform. Thx for all the messages and support. You’ve been a true ENGINE to make this happen. I want to tell u that I miss singing live and I miss SHARING those beautiful, unforgettable MOMENTS and EMOTIONS through music with you. I hope we are able see each other again later this year. Just can’t wait..

My new  band is dope. I’m creating deep clubby sound for the live shows with Okke, Pirkka and Jani. I’m so happy and blessed that these super talented guys are playing with me. Oh yeah, soon we will all dance together… Yay!

Gonna throw away the acoustic guitar for the time being, moving my fingers into synths now. Never played synths before in front of an audience…it’s exciting!


Last fall I moved out of London and found a cute place in Pyynikki, Tampere. I needed to be close to my family here and alongside music, I also wanted to study something new, something more physical. Music is an abstract world and I love it but sometimes it gives me aches and I feel exhausted. I realised that really needed to find a balance between the abstract and the physical, so that they can nourish and support each other.  So, Sporty Spice I do hear you!

But most of all, I want to help people, give keys/exercises that lead to a healthier and more fulfilling quality of life. So I decided to do an intensive course in the health sector. Now I’m officially a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. I’m very interested in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy, it’s possible that I continue my studies in the future. 😉  Now the course is finished and I’m concentrating on my new release (!!!) I feel so good – it was worth the wait.

I do hope you are enjoying the summer and have time for holiday too! I don’t have much time for a holiday but it’s ok. I have my tiny moments that I call holihour.  Sometimes In the holihour I crab my bicycle and cycle around the city/countryside. I love to feel the breeze in my hair and face, it makes me feel very much alive and free.

Sansa xxxx

Quote of the day:

Even though circumstances change and life is very unpredictable, true friends will remain by your side no matter what. When you realise the scars make who you are, that there was nothing wrong with you and that you were beautiful and good all along – that’s when you start to heal.