I’m proud to present you the track I worked with Muffler called Can’t Breathe from his new album Stone Cold. Muffler has been involved in the drum & bass scene for over a decade, starting back in 2000 with “Somber / Fury” on legendary Urban Takeover label and to date has clocked up over 100 releases.
Stone Cold showcases the many faces of Mufflers production, from anthemic hands in air moments such as ‘Night’, to the cinematic ‘Mountain Streams’, the pure liquid goodness of ‘Can’t Breath’.

Here’s a snippet of our track.

Muffler’s tracks have been released on Moving Shadow, TOV, DSCI4, Hospital Records and his own SighCo Recordings. Before his foray into the drum-n-bass scene, Muffler was known for his musical work in the Amiga demoscene, belonging to groups like Haujobb, Ozone, ENERGY and Doomsday.

You can purchase the album/ single tracks from the label by following this link. Or listen to it on SpotifyOr get it on iTunes.

San X