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Sansa Savior

Title : Sansa: Savior
Release Date : September 28, 2012
Label : ,
Catalog ref. : Texicalli Rec./Koolmusik
Format : CD

Savior is displaying Sansa’s impeccable song writing skills and it’s building immersive soundscapes, folk, pop, and even “trip hop” are all in the mix, set off with the artist’s inviting lyrical sensibility. Sansa and producer Janne Oinas have continued their exceptionally fertile collaboration. The dynamic duo also played all the instruments heard on the record plus handled all production duties. Electronic and organic elements sit together harmoniously side by side on the album, creating an effortlessly timeless sound. Available on vinyl and Cd.


1 Waiting For the Sky 3:05
2 Black Brick Wall 3:04
3 Boys (Summertime Love) 3:54
4 Faults In My Armor 3:25
5 Black & White 3:12
6 Rainbow Child 2:46
7 Gone To My Head 3:40
8 Savior 2:42
9 The Night 3:57
10 Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You 3:31