I covered Sabrina’s eurohit song Boys (Summertime Love) a while ago and shot a video to the song. A MIRACLE happened – she was performing in my old hometown Seinäjoki at the time when we were shooting the video. It was quite unbelievable since she hasn’t performed in Finland in 15 years.

So we contacted her manager, sent over my cover song and asked if she wanted to be in my video.. And she said YES!!

Photo 13.10.2012 17.25.47

It was an extraordinary experience. Surreal. Beautiful one. She loved my cover version of her song claiming that it’s the best version she’s ever heard of the track. She said she got goose pumps when she was listening to it.. It was so lovely! I love the original song, it reminds me of those good old days in the late 80’s.

The mysterious cinematographer appearing on the pic is Mr. Petteri Salovaara, he did absolutely great job! The photos were taken by producer/director Mete Sasioglu. San X